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The Best Conch Ceviche & A Walk South

After an hour at Water Aerobics yesterday morning (most exercise I’ve done in weeks), I thought I would treat myself to one of my favorite meals on the island – the world’s best conch ceviche.  For that, I need to head south.

Royal Palm’s beach has undergone a miraculous recovery thanks to the hard work of a maintenance crew.

Here are some “after” pictures.

Remember the before?

Some beaches are a total wreck!  This is a beach south of me that never is raked…usually it’s half sand, half seaweed.  Now it looks like a mud pit!  Or a lava field.  Hope this stuff dries out soon.  You could easily lose a shoe walking through this mess.

Ahhhhh…Victoria House.  Always perfectly groomed and beautiful.

And I love their restaurant right on the beach.  What a great view (this from my seat on the side deck).

Victoria House does the food right but it does service even better.  As soon as you are seated, you are served a glass of ice water which never goes empty.  The napkins are cloth (I love that), the music is soft and relaxing (some places like to blast annoying tunes) and the staff is super friendly.  And attentive.  I’m not a huge stickler when it comes to restaurant service but when it is great, I love it and will return to a place again and again.

I also think the day menu is very reasonably priced especially for a place this posh.  $18bzd for ceviche or $20bzd for a burger & fries.  About the average (or cheaper) for nice restaurants in San Pedro.  They have lots of choices of burgers, salads, paninis, snacks and wraps.

Check out one of the biggest anchors I’ve ever seen…next to me in the dining area.

Curious about the size, I found out this about the Titanic’s three anchors.  The front anchor weighed 15.5tons and was over 20 feet tall.  Each link in the chain to the anchors weighed 175lbs and required 2 men to drag them from the furnace during construction.

Okay…this one is just a baby but still… pretty cool.

And now check out this ceviche.  There is so much more conch than veg.  Very rare in ceviche.   You usually pick out the seafood and are left with a huge plate of salsa.  Not here.  Plus avocado (one of my top 10 foods).  Plus, the vegetables are all chopped in small, perfect squares.  Does that make it taste better?  To me, YES! I’m in love.

Ceviche and a draft beer may be the perfect lunch.

And even if you aren’t eating, have a drink at the bar.  It’s really beautiful in there.  And they have some bar games that will drive you batty.

The clouds were getting heavier as the day went on…but all in all a pretty beautiful day.

Let’s wander even further south and take a look at the private houses (I think most are for weekly or monthly rentals) that line the beach down along the Mosquito Coast.  Every time I go for a walk in San Pedro, I have a million questions.  So here I go…

A dock just south of Victoria House…wonder who they are trying to keep out with those flimsy criss-crossed pieces of wood?  Not even sure what that wooden structure is supposed to be.

Casa Plata is boarded up.  They have a very cute little sitting deck.

A very menacing display.  Warning:  Attack Trained Conch.  True, they are very sharp if you walk on them barefooted.  Wonder what sort of training that entails.

A very pretty and very old dory.   I wonder if it is (was) real or if it was just set up for picture taking.

On that same lot are some cement mixers and these big cement blocks.  Anyone know what these are used for?

Little but perfect.  Wouldn’t mind living here…

This large house also has a oversized chess set in the front that seems to get quite bit of use.  Interesting…

Thought I’d take the road on the way back home.  Two minutes off the beach (on the dirt road this far south) and you are in the mangroves.

No molesting the crocodiles.  Don’t need to tell me twice.

WHAT???  A bar I’ve never heard of?  Has anyone been to this bar at Royal Caribbean?  Is it still there?

The water company is building this huge fancy entrance to the plant.  Wonder why…

LATER CORRECTION:  Found out this the entrance to “Sugar Caye” not the water company and sewage plant (though right next door).  I guess the name Commode Caye was already taken.

Almost home…just past the Escalante’s huge beach front lot (the one at the beginning of this post with the mud pit of seaweed).  On the street side, the property is lined by a faded pastel concrete wall and lots of rusty barbed wire.  Wonder what they are hiding back there?

That’s it from me…big Halloween night.  I’ll be reporting back.  Happy Halloween!

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    I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your pictures! They always give me a chance to come back for a little while (a virtual trip, if you will!)~ On this blog I had gotten anxious when you wrote ‘Lets take a look at the private homes down south…’. I was hoping to see our house on the screen~ but we are a little further on down….oh well….maybe next time~ if you go for a longer walk. 🙂 Stay safe and keep blogging!

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