Tropic Air & Maya Island Air October Specials

Tropic Air and Maya Island Air are the two airlines that fly to the island and around Belize.  Some people have strong opinions about one or the other and most are fiercely loyal.  The bottom line is that they fly to the same places (there are a few exceptions) and the prices are basically the same.

Both have some specials for the month of October.  I’m on top of this now…since I missed the September 21st HUGE Tropic discount a few weeks ago.  It pays to be a regular reader of

Maya Island: 

San Pedro-Belize City Municipal between 9am-3pm.  $40bzd each way. 

Tropic Air:

San Pedro-Corozal $54bzd each way.  Might be a good time to visit the Corozal, the Free Zone & Chetumal.   (This price is usually $105!)

Tip:   It has been my experience that both will give you a discount on regular fares if you ask in person and you pay cash (this generally excludes the flight to and from the International Airport).  Tropic has generally given me 10% and Maya 10-20%…I guess it depends what kind of mood they are in. 

Hey…it can’t hurt to ask.  So get moving!  There are few better ways to see Belize.

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