What I Saw This Morning: Hurricane Rina & Belize

I woke up and it didn’t seem like too much had changed.  The storm is still small (size-wise) and creeping very slowly west, towards us.  All weather stations seem to be in agreement that it will move sharply north later today.  Good thing for us, bad thing for the Yucatan.

It’s warmer, more humid (slightly drizzly), breezy but not windy and high tide is coming.  A bit higher than yesterday but really not much of a difference.

The water is as high as yesterday but every few minute or so some big waves roll in…

This is today, Wednesday at 6am.  Slightly bigger waves.

Yesterday at 6.45am.

Monday afternoon.

The bigger waves are going over Banana Beaches’ relatively newly repaired sea wall.

I decided to walk into town to see what preparation was taking place.  I watched 2 empty water taxis headed into town (no one is making their way back to the island).  And by the time I got to Banyan Bay, it started POURING.  Did I have an umbrella?  Of course not.  Was I cloaked in Big Yellow?  No.  It is the kind of driving rain blowing from the west that tends to flood through my side door.

RETREAT!  I’m back home, soaking wet.  I am about to make a grilled cheese sandwich and watch the morning show to see what NEMO and the mayor have to report on any sort of evacuation (as of last night it remained voluntary and mandatory for women about to deliver).

After that…maybe around 8am, I’ll head into town and let you know what’s going on.

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