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6:30am Walk to Town…Weather Improving a Bit

It’s rent day and that requires a walk to town and the bank.  It is humid, grey and drizzly.  This stormy weather seems to be sticking around.  The happy ones are the fishermen.  Look at this pile of snapper these guys caught this morning.

I took the beach into town.

I passed one of the slowest moving projects in town, the new units at the Belize Yacht Club.  It has been under construction for about four years.  The original plans were two buildings with two pools.  It has been cut back to one building and still doesn’t look close to being finished to me.  They are furnishing some units on the first floor.  Strange to be putting furniture and curtains in a building that still looks like a construction site…but I guess the owners have been waiting long enough.

 Doesn’t look like there will be a pool for a while…

On the way back, I noticed a new little supermarket now added as part of Ali Baba’s Restaurant.  Public Grocery Store:  “Here everyone is somebody”.

And a stop at Marina’s Store for the $3bzd breakfast…johnny cakes, fry jacks, tortillas, etc.  I went for the johnny cake with beans and chicken.  Delicious once you scrape off the local cheese.  No offense, my Mennonite friends, but that stuff doesn’t taste like cheese to me.

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4 thoughts on “6:30am Walk to Town…Weather Improving a Bit

  1. Carolyn and Surendra Kumar

    Now That we have moved here, I would love to find these fisherman. Do they sell at a market or do they just catch for their own use?panedro

  2. Me

    They will almost always sell them right too you. $5bzd will get you 4 or 5 fish. Delicious fried. Conch and lobster same thing…

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