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Newspapers everywhere publish interesting ads and classifieds all the time.  Our local paper has a few this week.  Feel free to check out for more information.

Here they are:

Investment Partner Wanted:  For lucrative new transport venture.  $25,000 USD committment over 90 days.  Call John.

John also has two more ads.  One looking for $250,000 to $400,000 to build a green model home.  And $20,000 for an innovative storage idea.  John is quite the idea guy.

But here is an intriguing one that I responded to just a few minutes ago.  It’s actually a large, half page ad in the middle of the paper.  I can be mysterious and play well with a team! I will certainly let you know the outcome.

“Direct Express Inc. has a vacancy in our office for the post of a MYSTERY SHOPPER and TEAM PLAYER.  Should be computer literate.  Must be efficient and dedicated.  Honest and trustworthy, must have access to the internet 24 hours 7 days.  If you are interested and need more information…”

I want in.

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