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How to Dress Like A Local For Cold Weather in Belize

Before you even say it…I KNOW!   If you are not in Belize, I’m sure you are somewhere much colder.  Much colder.
But our first “cold front” blew in last night and it is downright chilly.  Dipping into the low seventies with a serious north wind (up to 40 mph), most of us are waking up with runny noses, socks and our warmest blankets.  So here is my VERY brief guide on how to dress like a local in this sort of weather.  And I use Kevin (below) at my apartment a few Christmas’ ago as a prime example. This is not even his warmest outfit.  The guy has a full down jacket with a fur collar too.

How to Dress for Cold Weather in Belize Like the Locals Do:

Around November or December, the temperature can dip into the low seventies and even, god forbid, the 60s at night.  Though that does not seem cold to most, combined with the wet sea wind, it is FREEZING down here and you must dress accordingly.

As a rule of thumb, if the temperature is below 80 degrees, long sleeved shirts and light jackets are a must all day long (even in the sunshine).  Early in the morning, a wool hat is appropriate to protect yourself from the bitter elements.

If the temperature dips below 75, break out the heavy duty gear.  Full winter coats and ski parkas, wool hats (an absolute must), long pants and heavy shoes with socks.  If you work on the water, add gloves to this ensemble.  While you will see tourists walking around in bathing suits and licking ice cream cones, you, local San Pedro resident, know it is FAR TOO COLD for such frivolities.  Merely look at these poor souls, shiver and blow dramatically into your hands so as not to lose precious body heat.

Be prepared to spend most of your day talking to others about the cold front, when the cold front will end, the worst cold front you’ve ever seen and how it is great weather for “staying in bed and making babies”.

And remember, when travelling via golf cart in these brisk temperatures, it seems even colder!  Dress accordingly and good luck.

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4 thoughts on “How to Dress Like A Local For Cold Weather in Belize

  1. LeRoiXXX

    Hi Rebecca,

    Well, as the old saying goes… you’ve hit the nail on the head. It was frEEEEEEEEzing last nite and it’s just as cold right now… 73.6F! WTF!!! I have on 3 shirts (including a long sleeve under armor) and it’s still not enough. I guess I picked the wrong day to go commando!

    Anywhoo, here’s hoping that you do have a great day! Ciao!!!

    Nuff Rispek

    PS: Happy Monday!!! 🙂

  2. Emily

    This woman knows of what she speaks! I broke out the long pants and a light jacket today. However, I didn’t go for socks or a hat…and I was still under a sheet last night, but maybe tonight will be different. Folks back in the US just don’t understand how chilly this feels after being used to 80s. It’s the wind and lower humidity that make it feel much cooler than low 70s.

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