MY Clothes Shopping in San Pedro

Buying clothes, for me, is pretty difficult in San Pedro.  There are quite a few boutiques in town but I find that most of the clothes are either way too dressy (all of my shirts do not need to be bedazzled), way too small or made of the itchiest possible synthetic nylons.

Basic cotton shorts and tank tops in non-teen sizes are tough to find.   Let me tell you where I find my best stuff (second only to ordering it on-line and having it delivered by a visitor).

Used Clothing Stores.  There are a few of them in town (mostly on side streets or back streets).  And I have recently found this one in DFC.  Ok, so they could use a new sign…this one doesn’t exactly scream fashion, but they’ve got a ton of stuff in here.

Everything is well worn.  But hey, everything I own down here is well worn.  My washing machine must have some sort of special setting that ages all clothes two months with each load.

Lalito has items ranging from Lily Pulitzer baby clothes to boy’s board shorts to Talbots old lady dresses to 1,000 pairs of shorts (many with the high waists circa 1989) to cool old t-shirts from Mexican construction companies to men’s monogrammed dress shirts from someone named SJ Lee to bras with stretched out elastic (ick).  You are picking up what I am laying down, right?

I picked up a nice pair of well worn khaki old Navy shorts.  Price?  $5bzd.  You can’t beat it.  Plus like they always say “beggars can’t be choosers”.

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