National Kids’ Regatta HUGE Success in San Pedro

Cool and cloudy weather on Saturday did not keep San Pedro from coming out in droves to support this super cool event.  All day long, kids from around the country sailed their little hearts out for the Belize Optimist National Childrens’ Regatta at Caribbean Villas Hotel.

I saw kids from San Pedro, Belize City and Consejo, Corozal competing.  In fact, a big water taxi was chartered to bring out the Belize City team and their large cheering section.

This is the view as I walked up…and being the big baby I am, I was tearing up.  How cute is it to see kids bobbing around in the sea and learning what their forefathers have been doing in Belize for hundreds of years.  I’m telling you…I get choked up just thinking about it.   There can be no more picturesque way to spend an afternoon.

And get this…SanPedroScoop was on the press boat.  With the real press!

Nineteen little sailboats in all.  These kids are incredibly skilled.  I had no idea how difficult sailing really is.  A handful of motor boats supervised the event and picked up sailors in distress.  4 or 5 capsized.  The wind was strong and the sea incredibly choppy.  It certainly didn’t help when dive and tour boats cut it a little too close.  (You guys know who you are.)

Below is Samantha getting “rescued” after capsizing.  She sat the rest of that race out shivering and then got right back in her boat for the next round.  A trooper!  Side note:  English/American “goose bumps” = “da cold seed” in Kriol.  These kids were covered in them.

Commodore Andy Milner giving an interview to Stacy and Giovanni of Plus TV/Channel 7 News/Amandala newspaper.  (I bet you can watch it tonight if the power goes on!)

It was a total family fun day.  BBQ, beers and kids playing in the sand and surf.  Such a great event.

All 19 mariners were given awards for participating in a ceremony surrounded by the San Pedro paparazzi.

My favorite team name of them all.  Straight out of Belize City meet Team Sea Swagga.  This kid (boat #12) definitely had it.

Such a fun event.  Thank you SO MUCH to the organizers, the officials and the kids.  You guys were troopers!

The children of San Pedro sail each Sunday so…stop by Carribbean Villas.  They have a great bar and BBQ and the view is…well…incredible.   Plus, they will soon be having live music on Sunday afternoons (I’ll let you know when I get the full details).  Can you think of a better place to be?

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