One Day in Cancun and Then Off to My Favorite Place on Earth

After my overnight bus ride from Belize City to Cancun, I napped briefly in my hotel room and headed down to the beach.   The weather was too perfect to nap all morning.  I shifted my slumber to the Cancun beach until my mom and brother arrived.  LOOK AT THIS WATER.  Perfect blue stripes…

Sorry…I´m really into my new camera.

The water is beautiful but pretty choppy and definitely not made for the amateur swimmer.  I saw many an American guido prance in to impress his girlfriend.  You know the type.  Over plucked woman eyebrows, super snug Hollister board short, newly waxed chest, a tribal tattoo on the lower back, orange spray tan from his home state of Rhode Island.  Most ran into the water and go properly spit out.  Washed up on the beach with a painful sand enema.  Tee hee…good times for us viewers.

My family was right on time to spend the afternoon at the beach.  The playa was crowded but not too crowded.  There were some vendors hocking the usual crap but not too many.  It was excellent.

We headed to the mall in the evening to get some food and so I could do a bit of shopping.  Cancun is crowded, super touristy and packed with junky souvenirs.  Stores, like the one below, leave me running for the doors as soon as I enter.  But there are a few good ones and I hadn´t been shopping in a while.

Shot glasses anyone?  Shirts that anyone in their right mind should be ashamed to wear (Amateur Gynecologist for example)?  Cancun has got them all in spades.  But we all were tired and headed back to the hotel early.

We even did the cheesy pictures with Senor Frog.  Ahhh Cancun.  That´s my mom and brother.  Obviously.

The next day we enjoyed a delightful McDonald´s breakfast (totally my idea and it was right across the street), spent some more time on the beach and grabbed the 2:45pm bus ($100 peso) to Tulum.  One of my favorite towns in the world and definitely my favorite ocean front.

At about 5pm, we pulled into the ADO bus station which is within walking distance of the hotel.  I like staying in the town rather than the beach front.  It is cheaper and, to me, much more happening at night (lots of bars and restaurants).  The beach is about 10 minutes away by taxi and about $6-8usd each way.

We are staying in town at the Secret Garden Hotel. It is a super cute little place and for the money, I think it´s perfect.  I had stayed here before.  Good sized rooms and casitas surround a garden with a perfect little sitting area…a secret garden.  In the morning, fruit, granola bars and coffee are available.  The rooms are big and clean.  Take a look at the website.

Off to the beach in Tulum for the day.  The weather is PERFECTION.    And an early morning stop at the ruins, before the tour buses arrive, never fails to impress me.  I can see this sight 100 times and still love it.

That´s it for today.  Have a great Thanksgiving, my American friends, and I´ll talk to you all tomorrow night.
I´ve had a long 24 hours.  Tulum beach, Valladolid, cenotes, Chichen Itza…I´ll fill you in!

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