San Pedro’s Best Party of the Year! Blue Water Grill’s 10th Anniversary

While my 20th High School Reunion was rocking at the Ridgewood, New Jersey Women’s Club, Blue Water Grill in San Pedro, Belize celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary with a truly epic party.  2011’s BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!Blue Water Grill is one of my favorite places to eat.  The Ahi Poke Salad…well…I can’t say enough good things about it and the service is fantastic.  Last night, they closed their doors to have a huge party to celebrate this BIG anniversary.

Balloons, cupcakes, great appetizers and get this…Open bar!  No, that is not what made it the best ever, you cynical people.  But it sure helped.  Super generous for this crowd.  I have never been to an open bar party in San Pedro.  NEVER!

No one wants to hear me talk…let’s just get to some pictures.

The food was GOOD!  And look at these little toasts cut like hearts.

And here is my very favorite part…what really got the party and the dancing started.   Kelly (the owner) handed out Blue Water Grill anniversary sunglasses.  Such a fun idea.  For some reason, wearing these shades got everyone on the dance floor.  Classic Ray-Bans make everyone feel cooler.  And I am guessing they are going to be the “must have” accessory for the coming year.  I will start the bidding for mine at $200.  (USD!)

DJ Habo did a great job.  Perfect mix of current and a little bit older stuff.  “L.A. Hips with an Oakland Booty…Baby Got Back”?  Good stuff.  Everyone was dancing.
More pics…post-sunglasses.
Everyone had SUCH a fun time.  Sunglasses bring out the awesome in people.  Who knew?  Thanks so much to Kelly, her husband and the staff of Blue Water Grill.  (Don’t worry, the staff got to party too.  They were gushing about an all day catamaran trip they all took earlier in the week).

Blue Water Grill, let’s do this every year!

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