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The Best Belizean Meat Pies Right Next Door

Like fry jacks and johnny cakes, meat pies are a classic breakfast food in Belize.  You often see people riding around with coolers on the front of their bikes selling these little pot pies in the morning and during lunch time. Generally about $1.50bzd each (75 cents US), they are a super satisfying breakfast treat and so cheap, you would never even think of making them yourself.

I’ve tried many meat pies in town…hmmmm….maybe it has something to do with me Living La Vida Gorda. (And thanks for asking, I haven’t lost ONE LB YET!)   But the best pies I’ve ever had are from Dario’s Meat Pies in Belize City.  The crust is super flaky, they are big and filled with yummy spicy meat.  No Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce needed here.

And the best news yet?  You can get them at Mata Rock’s Squirrel’s Nest bar right next door to my place!  Only $1.50, they are flown here fresh every other day and will get you hankering for a Belikin at 9am.  A quick whir in the microwave and it’s like you are getting them fresh.

Impossible for me to eat just one.  Here is my second.

And yes, judgey-wudgey, that is a half shot of white rum with it.  I am working on a blog post about rum.  Jeez!  But it does bring up an additional excellent point.  2 advil + 2 Belizean meat pies first thing in the morning are a great hangover cure.  Next time I’ll have to add a shot of white rum too.

How many meat pies can you eat?

By the way, yesterday was GORGEOUS!  Cool and sunny.

And the influx of tourists over the past week had tour boats arriving fast and furiously and sales people hawking lots of stuff on the beach.  The lady below had a whole sack FILLED with jewelry.  Too many choices.

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1 thought on “The Best Belizean Meat Pies Right Next Door

  1. Carolyn and Surendra Kumar

    We have been looking at all these signs for meat pies in town and wondering what they were! Since we live just north of the bridge, can you recommend a place to try in town for these meat pies?
    We have fallen in love with breakfast at Tacos Al Pastor on Back Street. Where else can you have a full breakfast for the three of us for $ 7.00 BZ?

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