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Walk About: DFC and Sugar Caye

For the past week, I have been trekking back into the heart of DFC to meet with my personal trainer.  (More on that tomorrow…)  DFC stands for the Development Financial Company, a government agency that provides loans and well…development.  It is also the name of the large area right off the main (paved) road on your way south from town.  It was first properly developed and filled in about 10 years ago to provide reasonably priced land and building loans to Belizeans after some brutal hurricanes.

Turn away from the sea just south of Banana Beach and Royal Palms at this sign (or the many that point the way to Hidden Treasure restaurant).

La Divina Providencia, by the way, is one of the friendliest grocery stores/breakfast & lunch spots on the island.  Check it out in one of my earliest posts:  Fave Business: La Divinia Providencia.  The song they made for the radio is THE BEST!  Open and enjoy.

You pass through the Escalante subdivision first.  You are being watched.

The road is pretty good going straight back.  It appears to be recently grated.  So far, walking is good.

Around the bend is a large primary school.  New Horizon Seven Day Adventist School.

The road then gets progressively worse.  Some of these puddle pools go half way up a golf cart’s tires.  On foot or by bike, you are going to get a good coating of mud.

There are all sorts of houses.  Lots of different sizes and shapes.

And plenty of businesses.


The sun was really shining for the first time this week which makes it a perfect laundry day.  Laundry was everywhere…

Baby clothes drying on a clean fence.

I’m guessing if you sit on the make shift bench below, you might be waiting a while.

Keep walking.  Deep, deep back and you finally arrive at Sugar Caye Development.  Potentially the craziest name they could have been thought of for this reclaimed lowland/swamp.

The front gate (just south of Victoria House) would make you think there is quite a bit of progress.  Here is the grand cement arch way, guarded entrance and lighted paved road back into the development.

But head around back.  Here is the back side along the heavily used road that goes back further to the barge area.  There is a steady stream of large construction type trucks and it was Tuesday, a Belikin barge day.  All the Belikin tractors were also navigating this road that is in SERIOUSLY rough shape.

From what I can see there are two small areas being built on…a few cement structures.  For the most part, it is just cleared and raised dirt & sand without sea walls.  Perhaps the sugar is coming soon…

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