Where’s Da Beef? The SAGA Fundraising Burger Cook-Off

Last night, $10bzd not only bought you a plate heavy with mini (and not so mini) hamburgers but was donated to a great cause – the San Pedro Humane Society (SAGA).

The location?  Wahoo’s Lounge – the former Pier Lounge, Home of the world famous Chicken Drop and very cute bar right in the center of town.  The cook-off theme?  Burgers of any kind.  All chefs prepare 75 each for the crowd.

Wahoo’s has a relatively new line of very cute t-shirts and all sorts of merchandise.  If you want to do a little pre-shopping (for a “Chicken Security” or “Sexy Chicken” T Shirt) before your next visit to Belize, check out the line on:  CafePress – Wahoo’s.  Might even make some fun Xmas presents for your Belize loving friends.

Did I mention that Wahoo’s has $3 draft beers ALL THE TIME?

At 6pm, burgers and people started flowing in.  75 burgers is no small amount.  Some were stumbling benath the weight.

There were 9 entries in all.  Beef stuffed with blue cheese, Hawaiian burgers with fresh pineapple, shrimp burgers, Jerk burgers, veggie burgers, turkey burgers, Surf n Turf burgers.  This competition really sparked excitement and peoples’ creativity.

Cindy and Lori were doing some last minute preparation and assembly.

The food was served to a long line and the regular sized paper plates could hardly hold the entrees.

Everyone was happy.  Here are Vince and Cherie of ACES.  Our fearless crocodile advocates and wranglers.

Miss Melanie Paz, our Independent Mayoral Candidate for 2012 and Miss Jan Brown.

Dogs were absolutely hypnotized by the towering plates of hamburger.  These well trained pups sat inches away and stared obediently at their cruel owner waiting for the okay.  Good dogs!

In the end, winners were declared.  I voted for #5, the Surf N Turf burgers and it was the winner!  Mathieu’s Deli came in first place.  I’m not sure what was in the patty but it was really moist and the homemade buns were delicious.
2nd place went to Noele (below) of Wahoo’s Lounge with her blue cheese stuffed beef burgers and Lori Purdy (tireless SAGA volunteer) took 3rd with her super tasty sweet and savory Veggie Burgers.
Great turn-out, great food and great times.  If you haven’t been attending the SAGA cook-off events (they take place each month with a different theme), you must!  Not only are you raising money for a great cause, but each one is a really fun event.

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