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A Sunday Morning Walk on the Mosquito Coast

Just past Victoria House as you walk south is the two mile sign post that basically marks the beginning of the Mosquito Coast.  I love this area of Ambergris Caye.  Mostly private houses, some resorts.  This stretch, in my estimation, would an ideal place to live.

It’s starting off grey and cool, the breeze is coming from the leeward side and the sea is perfectly flat.  (This has been a frequent weather pattern over the past week or so.)

Casa Plata, a private home, soon after has a tiny dock that seems custom made for weddings.  I’ve never seen one there but it really seems perfect.  You could decorate the crap out of this little structure.

Let’s play name that bird.  I am horrible at this game!  This guy was quite attractive.

Still my favorite little house.
Just half a mile?  I’ve been walking for 20 minutes!  But the weather is perfect for it.  Definitely not too hot.
Next up baby blue Sunset Beach Resort.
And then Athens Gate.
One of the grandest and coolest houses south, Wataview.  Outside bar, pool, huge deck, pretty beach.  You could have some SERIOUS parties here.

Pelican Reef rakes the beach and lays out the towels early…it must have been 7.15am.  Now THAT is good service.  The whole resort has great attention to detail.

Onto Mile 3…where it really starts to get good.  And beautiful.  Just how I want Belize to look.  Pretty white beaches, mangroves, wild flowers and lots of coconut trees and a few smaller, wooden houses with screened in porches.

When the water is higher, you can’t get too much past here without walking in ankle deep water.

And you follow this little path around some bushes growing on the beach.  (Probably not a good idea to do late at night).

And you find these awesome palm tree dragons.

And around another secret path…

One last house with a great view and you are at the end of the line.  At least the very end of the line that you can walk on the beach without a machete or wading knee deep in water.  I know what you are thinking…WIMP!

As I walked back, the sky was brightening a bit.  The perfect day for a fundraiser/BBQ and if you are very brave, a pool party at Pedro’s Inn.  Doesn’t matter if you care for Pedro or his inn, this is for Liberty House Home for Children just outside Belize City, so it would be great to see you and your open wallets there!

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Walk on the Mosquito Coast

  1. Emily

    We took a bike ride to mile 5.5 south this morning, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We were on the road, though, so it was fun to see the different perspective of walking on the beach that you saw. LOVE those palm-tree dragons!

  2. Judy Hargrove Allen

    It’s been a while since you were here – you need to come back down and see Duane’s new beach creatures!

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