Christmas Eve Eve: Bingo and a Bucket of Beers

Central Park in San Pedro is all lit up for the holidays with some super festive lights and some…well…not as festive. There were lots of people out last night.

The very controversial clock is open for business.  They were smart to start with a message that everyone would agree with.  Adopting cats and dogs from the local humane society, SAGA.

It will be forever daylight in Central Park…this thing is bright.  And it might be forever noon.  The actual clock isn’t working just yet.

Later that night there appeared to be a bit of a malfunction…

Off to bingo at the Lion’s Den.  I attended with some Lions’ Den newbies.  They were hesitant.  The words BINGO and Lions’ Den do not scream fun to the uninitiated.  But they were quickly converted.  Beers, the fast pace, the great table service and a really fun crowd make San Pedro bingo very good times.

Chris turned into a believer when he won our first round.  $80bzd!  That’ll buy you 4 buckets of 6 beers.  Not bad…

We played Games 2 thru 7.  The pot and the crowd grows as the night goes on.  Things get rolling at about 7pm.

We stopped in at Fido’s, possibly the most popular bar in San Pedro but one I haven’t visited for quite a while.  The live music had just started up.  They have a new guy who sounds a bit like Johnny Cash.

Off to Croc’s Bar for Friday night karaoke.  For some reason, I never get any pictures there…

I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday weekend no matter where you are.  In Belize, it’s a LONG ONE.  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Day (Observed) and Boxing Day (Observed).  Four full days off.  Enjoy!

Here is where I will be spending it.  It is shaping up to be a gorgeous day plus, my best friend arrives in a few hours.  Merry Christmas.

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