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Crazy Canucks and Even Crazier Candy

Let’s start with the candy.  As in all areas of the world, the holiday season means an influx of candy to the island.  The San Pedro candy barge brings massive bags of colored marshmallows, tamarindo sucking candies, little tubs of what looks like cake icing and gummy everything…mostly from Mexico.  But we stumbled upon these perplexing goodies on a trip to SuperBuy South yesterday.

It wasn’t just one bag…there were tons of brands.  (Just look at that creepy over-animated thumb nail.)

Candy severed thumb lollipops.  Are they fashioned to wean your child off thumb sucking?  Why do they look bloody?  And why are they so life-like?

And why do they have so many awesome uses?  LIKE.

Now back to Crazy Canucks’ where each Monday night they have a local band and usually a good crowd.  Last night, we saw the Punta Boys…pretty much the exact same band I saw in August of 2006 when I first visited the island.

Mario and Faya Links performed most of the night.

Ali, the bartender got to dancing.

And by the end of the night, there was a pretty big crowd, both locals and tourists.  The dance floor was packed.  A very fun night.

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