Help Wanted. Send Money – Final Follow-Up

I am still emailing this company about my job as a mystery shopper (see yesterday’s post for more information).  His last email informed me that I would need to send $100 to him via Western Union to start the process, my job as VIP shopper in Belize.

I asked what the money is for and here is his response:
Why paying a $100 fee is to show how serious you are to this job, once you got this $100 pay this will show to the company that you are much serious about this job, cause must mystery shopper agent once they receive the check for their assignment some are not going to inform they have the check and they are not going to say anything, some try to run away with our money, and they forget we have all their information that we can use tracking them, so the management now invite a policy that all new mystery shopper agent must pay an $100 fee before starting his or her first assignment, so you need to pay this $100 for the company to list you ask one of the best and top mystery shopper agent…

Waiting to read from you…


I then asked him why I would get paid before completing an assignment.  Why doesn’t he just pay me if he is satisfied with my “survey”.  He emails back within seconds.  

His response:  you fill out the survey but to carry out the survey is what we are talking about, if the check is send to you are you going to carry out your assignment?, also i think you should pay the $100 so the company can have you as one of their best agent…

I won’t bore you guys with this much longer.  But interesting.  I didn’t know you could outsource scamming. And I can’t think of any other questions to ask him.  I guess I’ll just let it go.   My loss.

And I will post about something real in an hour or two.

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  • Sweetiebear

    Na …. not your loss …. his! You still have your $100.00 and he’s got nothing! LOL

    Enjoy Your Day!

  • Rob

    Amazing how many “Mike’s” live in Nigeria.

  • Sweetiebear

    lol … good one 🙂

  • 2VannaGustin

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