Help Wanted. Send Money – Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, I mentioned this intriguing ad in a local paper, sent an email to the company and promised to let you know the outcome.

Here is the beginning of the ad.

“Direct Express Inc. has a vacancy in our office for the post of a MYSTERY SHOPPER and TEAM PLAYER.  Should be computer literate.  Must be efficient and dedicated.  Honest and trustworthy, must have access to the internet 24 hours 7 days.  If you are interested and need more information…”

I never received a response then…so I sent another email and received an overnight response from Mike Rupers of Direct Express (a small auto transport company in the USA – huh?).

The first response (in a form email) described the position in some detail.  Visit businesses that they direct me too, blend in like a customer, fill out a survey and receive $400!  And, you will be reimbursed for all costs to you.  Again, I’m in!

I sent my very basic information as advised.  Name, address, email address and age and almost instantly got an email back.

I have been accepted at the Assistant level!  I am to:  “dram up a list of the Walmart store, department stores or shopping malls” in my area, send back the addresses that I will be making transfers from.  Apparently I need to make a transfer after each survey after “deducting my $400”.  So he transfers larger amounts to me and I send the rest back?  Hmmmm….

It then says that I will need to transfer $100 as a application fee!  The $100 will “upgrade” my information in their database to VIP status.  Wow!

The email ends with “Thanks for your total understanding”.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Obviously this guy has no idea about Belize and is up to something else.  You be the judge.  (To put it all quite mildly.)

Be careful.

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