Is Halle Berry Staying In San Pedro, Belize?

Short answer:  I have no idea.  But when I heard the rumor, I grabbed my camera and took a walk down the beach.  Think how totally bloggable it would be to snap just one picture of Miss Berry emerging from the Caribbean Sea dressed in that orange bikini she wore in one of the Bond films.  Or building a sand caste with her young daughter.  Scooperazzi was on it.

I didn’t find any evidence of Halle but I did find a truly gorgeous day.  After about a week of grey overcast skies, last night’s incredible lava field sunset and rain cleared things up nicely.

If she is here, she is enjoying some weather perfection.

My advice to you:  Carry your camera with you at all times, one great shot and you might just snag my dream job – as a member of the TMZ crew.

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