It’s GO TIME! Multi-tasking (or just tasking) in Belize

And what a gorgeous morning.  GORGEOUS!  The sunrise looked like a lava field on the flat water this morning.

It seems a bit warmer but I just checked the temperature…and not much.  70 degrees.  But less wind and a bit more humid.  The weather has been perfection.
So, go time.  While I love blogging and I have loved my 4 month vacation, it does not make me the money to live in San Pedro.  So…time to get off my backside and look for a job.  December 1st = go time.  Wish me luck.  Send me suggestions.  Think good thoughts.  
And I will try to draw some inspiration for these multi-taskers that I’ve spotted around Belize.  If they can have 3-4 jobs, I need to get moving!  Plus, I quite fancy the idea of doing lots of different things.
Hopkins Village, the hats part is a bit of a curve ball.
Welding, burglar bars, room for rent, charcoal sales and car wash in DFC area.
Maybe I need to get a placard on the outside of my place.  Let me start with something modest like the one below and then I’ll add on.  (And sorry Blue Water Grill…I seriously MS Paint-mangled your pretty sign).
Too much?

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