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Jumble Sale and Sunken Boats – Free Escape?

So…the weather is improving.  I thought I’d head over to the Yawn (I mean Yard!) Sale at Banyan Bay.  Maybe at 10am it wasn’t set up yet?  But that was the advertised time and there was not a lot of merchandise.  In fact, it was a few coffee makers with no pots, a few random plastic pipes and not much else.  Word is that more is being set up later.

Maybe it got better?

And as I was headed home, i spotted this sunken boat.  Huh?  Wuh?  Whose boat is this???  What happened?  I think the name is Free Escape…though I can’t make out the first word.

It’s shaping up to be a great day.  Probably not for this boat owner.  Everyone else, Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Jumble Sale and Sunken Boats – Free Escape?

  1. Me

    It is his…and he is hauling it out now. Apparently linked to the burglary of his home earlier this week. You can check that out in

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