Liberty Children’s Home Fundraiser at Pedro’s Inn

When I arrived at Pedro’s Inn for the fundraiser, the barbecues, the kids and the music were in full effect.

Famous throughout San Pedro, Coconut Leo was at the mike singing….you guessed it!  Bob Marley.  You gotta love Leo.  Each visitor meets him at some point on their trip.

There was a great crowd outside in the tents…

At the pool…

And in the poker room…

There were countless donated items to bid on.

And I was introduced to the “Chinese Auction”…run by Jan Brown.  Not sure what it has to do with the Chinese, but it was good times.  Got your competitive blood flowing.   (By the way, does Jan sleep?  Or just work 24 hours a day on every event and charity in San Pedro?)

Doug was manning the outside bar.
Kids from the Liberty home in Ladyville, Belize and from San Pedro were swimming, blowing bubbles, and the hoola hoops never stopped spinning.
Hey!  That’s no kid!  It’s Laurie aka Tacogirl.  An expert at the hoop.

The auction winners were announced.  I spotted both the Independent and PUP mayoral candidates at the party.

When asked to pose for a picture (lots of tongue clicking by me), Charlie, the Pedro’s Inn mascot, gave me a look of utter disdain and pity and fell asleep.

Good dog.

I hear that over $15,000 was raised and over 600 BBQ plates sold.  Impressive.  Very impressive.

After the kids went back home, the party moved inside to the bar where many drinks were consumed in the name of charity.

For more information on Liberty Children’s Home, check out:  LCH Belize

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