Sixth Annual Holiday Boat Parade: Love, Love, Love It

The Sixth Annual Boat Parade was such a crazy success this year.  Lots of boats, TONS of people, booths with food and drink, marching bands, dancers, kids singing carols…everyone was enjoying one of the best parties of the year.
Look how happy we all are!

I met up with an ex-co worker that I hadn’t seen in 13+ years, Reggie (we were actuaries in training together).  Sorely in need of a vacation, Reggie came down last week and is already considering extending his trip.  I just saw him last night for the first time and somehow he seems to know everyone in town already.  Funny how that works around here…

The papers are going to have much better pictures and much more detail than I could ever have so let me just post what I’ve got.  And please excuse the total lack of order…MERRY CHRISTMAS and welcome to my life.

Roger sets up the Lions’ Den bar to start off the evening.

The clock tower structure seems to be almost finished.  Early evening, it was sprinkling a bit but the weather held out.

Jackie from Casa Picasso pours me a dangerously delicious Stingray.  Limoncello and Cranberry.

My favorite part.  After parading, all of the boats pull up to the dock in Central Park.  Everyone seems slightly inebriated and some of the fun is watching them play “bumper boats”.

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a googly eyed skull.  Cool boat.

TONS?  SNOT?  Who put together this awesome boat?
Such a fun night.  Most of the town was there.  If this doesn’t get you planning your vacation around the 2012 Boat Parade, you are crazy.  Can you think of a better way to kick off the holiday season?  Check out San Pedro Boat Parade Website

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