The Sun Came Out For a Trip To Mathieu’s Deli

The sun has been hiding for far too long (2 or 3 days is a long time in the tropics!) but yesterday turned into a gorgeous day and I took a walk to Mathieu’s Deli.

Mathieu’s is located just north of town on the main road.  And I’m not sure what took me so long to get up there…the walk was just over half an hour.  Easy on such a pretty day.  Here are a few pictures.

The sun was bright but the wind was blowing from the north and perfectly cool.  Since it wasn’t blowing from the seaside, the water was very low.  These two cute ducks were wincing but put up with me while I subjected them to a little photo session.

Some people were cleaning fish from their fishing trip and hungry gulls and pelicans were hovering waiting for an easy meal.

For the most of the year, this sea bed is completely covered by about a foot of water.

I passed by the old Cannibal’s Bar then Playa Lounge, then Bar 1755 and now Restaurant DiCaprio (those are the names in the past three years) on the beach (across from the Tacklebox dock).   They very recently opened as an Italian restaurant.

Today’s special of Pasta Arriabbiata is $40 with dessert.  $40bzd!  I assumed Arribbiata must mean “containing rare and exotic seafoods” or “sprinkled with gold leaf” but Wikipedia defines it as “pasta typically prepared with olive oil, garlic, red chilies and tomatoes”.

I don’t know of a more expensive lunch special in town.

Almost to Mathieu’s…just past the police and fire stations.

We are here!  And the food was worth the wait.

Mmmmm….freshly baked baguettes and a wheat bread with lavender.  The wheat was particularly good and you could totally taste the floral lavender flavor.

They have a great breakfast menu and then serve lunch.  A few choices of sandwiches on the yummy fresh bread and daily specials.  Yesterday was salmon ravioli with celery sauce, pork loin and Belizean duck!  Fancy and all less money than the pasta with tomato sauce special at the town’s newest Italian place.

Here is the food…I had a really good roast beef sandwich (rare with lots of toppings like grilled zucchini or horseradish) and my friend had the pork on a bed of leeks and carrots with mashed potatoes.

And I was COERCED into dessert by the owners Anna and Gunther.  You can also just pick up a croissant or piece of cherry crumb cake but I went all out.  Poached pear filled with Christmas souffle on a slab of crumbly sweet puff pastry and vanilla ice cream.  I know you mouth is watering…

So…check out Mathieu’s.  The food is really tasty and such a nice change of pace – whether you get a super fresh sandwich or go for the fine dining.  Going to the beach?  A sandwich and pastry to go would be an excellent picnic.  It is right across the street from the Phoenix Resort and a great place to eat lunch on the shady porch and watch all of San Pedro drive by.

You can check out their daily specials each day on or on their facebook page.

AND (sorry I’m feeling quite chatty this morning) since I’ve already heard it twice in the past day, let me leave you with perhaps Belize’s biggest Christmas song.  “Good Maaning, Miss Lady”.  You hear it EVERYWHERE, you can’t get it out of your head and the lyrics are awesome.  Good Morning, Miss Lady  If you are not Belizean, download it and throw it in with your usual Christmas classics.  It just might get your family dancing.

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