There Is Always Something New: AM Walk to and From Town

After two days of a sweaty fever, stuffiness, sleepless nights and a sore tongue (so weird but eating HURTS!)  I decided to go outside this morning to get some fresh air and go to town for my rent money (yes…I am now 6 day late…how embarassing.)

One thing that annoys me is that you can’t get any decent amount of money from the bank machines.  ScotiaBank is the most generous with $800bzd max, Belize Bank a miserly $500bzd.  How is an honest non-working girl supposed to pay her rent?

So…I just returned, sweaty beyond belief (and it’s not even very warm) and am reporting back to you.  I can walk to and from town 4-5 days a week and always see something different.

The weather is overacast with not too much wind.  A change from earlier this week when brisk winds from the east washed everything up on shore.

Looks like the beach cleaner at Banyan Bay got overwhelming and needed a break.

A customer waiting for Crazy Canucks to open.  Very patiently.

Great news!  The condos at Belize Yacht Club are back for sale.  They have been under construction since I moved to San Pedro.  Definitely a situation, you want to research first…

Now let’s turn around and head back south on the street.  I asked the question Wadda Gwan: Steve & Becky’s Hotel a few months ago.  There is a new sign up but it’s hard to tell if it is open.  Website says it is still owned by Ramon’s Village.
Further south by the gas station is this house.  It has been for sale on and off since I moved to Belize.  It’s big…and now this new sign is up.  Seems to be a new trend around here…bed and breakfasts or renting single rooms out in your house.  I guess it’s easier to sell this big house as a business….but on the internet, I can’t find how to book a room at Diamond Lodge, only how to buy the whole thing.  The website on the sign is “under construction”.
By Marina’s down to Royal Palms, there are about 4 new produce stands.  Can you just set one up anywhere?  I’m guessing the answer is yes…

The one across the street from Banyan Bay just got in a shipment of stawberries!  The stand offered me the package for $14bzd and the truck who just dropped them off under cut him and offered for $10bzd.  They looking a bit squishy but still…nice to see.

Lastly!  John Harvey of Robin’s Kitchen, BBQ and Jerk Chicken is reopening tonight.  So stop by across from Royal Palms for some very tasty local food.

And you don’t think I can take a walk by Marina’s without this sight.  Ugh.  I couldn’t get too close since he usually yells at me (for no reason).  At least he has his pants on this early in the morning.

Talk to you all tomorrow.  And for intra-day updates remember to LIKE on facebook.

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