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They Say Gain 5-10lbs for The Holidays, Right?

Or at least that is what I think they are saying on endless chat shows (that I am shamelessly addicted to) and in countless magazine articles.  Maybe I misread.  Well…it’s something like that anyway.

Let me share with you some of the tasty meals I’ve eaten this past week.  Some in line with my “program” – see Living La Vida Gorda – but most not.  I am not losing a bit of weight…but it is all my fault.  Hey…it’s a tough time of year.  Going out for meals, cocktails parties, homemade cookies.  I’ll refocus come 2012.

Last week, I stopped by Average Joe’s Bar (or AJs Bar) for the really, really tasty hot dog.  Juicy, real beef dog.  Almost as good as the ones that you’d get in NYC.  And, though they are a bit pricy, they are HUGE.  One, washed down with a beer or two, makes a very hearty lunch.  And a seriously addicting bar snack.

People were coming in and out for the wings…but I am going to stick to my favorite.  Hot dogs.  I mean dawgs.  But if you are a wing fanatic (and I’m always surprised how many of you there are), don’t forget the fiery hot wing eating contests on Wednesday nights.

Next up…a salad!  At the Blue Water Grill.   I went last week to see the Head of the PUP (People’s United Party), Francis Fonseca speak about the upcoming elections.  Though I can’t vote yet, I love politics and it was quite interesting.

It also turned into a long afternoon…. (The paper listed the meeting at 11am.  I arrived 5 minutes late, a bit stressed and found myself with the wait staff.  No one arrived until about 11.45…the general meeting didn’t start until 12.25.  Will I ever learn!)  I ordered Blue Water Grill’s new WasabPea Chicken Salad.   Chicken, corn, avocado, heart of palm, and lots of wasabi peas.  If you like those spicy little snacks, you are going to love this salad.  It’s loaded with them.

The restaurant is very smartly decked out for the holidays as well.  I love the personalized stockings for all of the staff.  I wonder if Santa visits them on Xmas eve.  Might be a perfect spot for my Christmas dinner.

Lastly, yesterday I went to one of my favorite lunch spots, Wild Mango’s.  I always get the exact same thing…why mess with perfection?  The Chef Salad.  So good.  Pineapple, papaya, cashews, avocado, super tender chicken…

Photo taken last month

I tried Mango’s Mongo Burrito with Shrimp instead and my friend had the Caesar Salad with chicken.

It was as big as a football, tasty and left me more than enough for dinner.  But I missed my salad…just a bit.

I’ll leave you with a tip.  Though not on the menu any more, order the Caipirinha at Wild Mango’s.  It’s only about $8bzd and WELL worth it.   If you haven’t had one, it is the national drink of Brazil (though Belize should think about ditching the PantiRippa and adopting this gem).  Muddled lime and sugar with white rum and a bit of soda water, this drink at Mango’s is divine – perfectly sweet & tart.  The ultra sour limes of Belize only make it more delicious.  Try one.  You can thank me later.

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2 thoughts on “They Say Gain 5-10lbs for The Holidays, Right?

  1. Emily

    The Caipirinha (which I am sure I can’t pronounce) sounds much like the “Pedro Collins” I got and really enjoyed at Caliente’s. Yum! Simple, delicious, and oh so refreshing.

  2. Tanya tizzle

    the caipirinha actually is used with Cachaca (pronounced cachasa) I know we used real cachaca when i was workin there but dunno if they still do. Sugar cane rum can be used to make it. but will have a different taste. most bars in sp use regular rum. How was the mongo burrito i see you took my suggestion…lol LOVE that thing

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