Wednesday at Micky’s: That is One GIANT Burrito

In 1987, Micky’s Restaurant was opened in San Pedro by a native San Pedrana.  From what I hear, Wednesday’s have been famous for delicious burritos ever since.  And can you believe it?  I had never tried one.  Well things are about to change…

Micky’s sits on the south end of Middle Street right before the RC School.  (And conveniently is one of the few places in town with a dedicated parking lot.)  Here is the view right out front…looking north up Middle Street.

We walked in at about 12.15 and almost every table was full.  Get there as early as you can…by 1.30 all the burritos were sold.

You get a choice of chicken, beef or mixed (I tried mixed) and this HUGE beast of a meal is only $11bzd.  ELEVEN BELIZE DOLLARS.  Enough for two certainly or if you have the appetite of Jumbo the Elephant, it will make a very filling meal.    It’s a homemade flour tortilla (probably the size of a large pizza), packed with meat with a little schmear of beans and some crunchy vegetables (but not many).  The burrito comes with a healthy side serving of delicious salsa (it really made the whole meal) and sour cream.

Look how it dwarfs my Belikin.

They are also renowned through town for their famous Thanksgiving dinner.  Reservations go quick…

And now is a great time to visit.  Mickey’s is fully decked out in Christmas finery.  Super homey and cute.  You feel like you are in your holiday-lovin grandmom’s dining room.  I didn’t check the bathroom but I bet there is a little crocheted Santa cover for the extra toilet roll.

Mickey’s does breakfast through dinner daily…but make sure you stop by on Wednesdays for one killer burrito.

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