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A Beautiful Beach Can Require A Bit of Work…

The stretch of beach where I live is one of the prettiest on the Ambergris Caye.  Mar de Tumbo Beach, the long sandy strip in front of Banyan Bay, is right next door.  But maintaining a beach can be a little bit of work.  Storms, sea grass, heavy waves have hotels and beach front residents engaged in a constant battle to maintain our sandy shoreline.

I live at Royal Palms and I think…well, I know…we have a great beach and a really great dock for both swimming and boating.

Here is what goes into maintaining it.

These pictures was taken last week.  You don’t often see heavy machinery on a Belize beach.

Large piles of sand were delivered this week to fill in for what was washed away over the past storm season.

You can see all the tracks this morning from the work.

And the pile last night…it was a pretty night.

Last night, despite the cooler breeze, there were people swimming.

And in the end…the work is worth it.  Right?  Don’t you think?

Working on a bigger post for this weekend that will hopefully answer lots of the questions you guys have been sending me.  And as always, send me questions!  I am here on the Internet probably 20 hours a day.  I’ve been asked everything from where to stay to where to buy pot (I side stepped that one a bit)…so keep them coming!

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6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Beach Can Require A Bit of Work…

  1. Allan Baxter

    Where do they dredge the sand from to build the beach? You can see some of the past dredging scars on google earth – they just updated a portion of southern Ambergris Caye with 2011 sat photos.

  2. Me

    Mosquito bites still itching? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Mine have a 2-3 day cycle. Hmmm…that might require some scoop.

  3. Maureen

    I love the beach in that area! I never realized they barged more sand in either though. Oh to only be there again right now. 🙂

    @daddywags, I’m with the scoop on this one, I’ve never heard of such a thing! Are you sure they were mosquito bites?

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