A Beautiful Day Around Town – Art, Lunch and Pool at Cholo’s

After the very frightening fire in DFC that delayed our trip to town yesterday morning, we continued on….to attend a charity art show taking place at the Tropic Air terminal.

Here are some pictures of people enjoying the art and some of my favorite pieces (just in case you were looking to get me a belated Christmas gift)…

Most of the art was painted by a local woman named Rose Escalante (I will need to learn more about her!) and there was jewelry also.  I hope they sell a ton for an excellent cause.

Next up, I met some new friends (thanks for lunch Dan & Char!) at Wild Mango’s.  YES AGAIN!  I am a GIANT fan.  And I love when the wait staff knows my order before I even open my mouth.  (Caipirinha and Amy’s Chef Salad.)

It was really shaping up to be a gorgeous day.

After lunch, I walked over the BC’s Beach Bar to pick up my friend Pepe.  We were going over to Cholo’s to play a little Saturday afternoon pool.

This is Pepe’s expression when he is caught drinking from someone’s beer.

Cholo’s is a very cool little beach bar with cheap drinks, a great local crowd, a superb view, HUGE tvs that play every sporting event imaginable and some interesting signs on the wall.  If you are in San Pedro and want to watch your local hockey team play or Mexican soccer on giant TVs, Cholo’s is your spot.  It’s also a great spot to watch the Superbowl or the World Cup…the crowd gets LOUD.  Let’s start with the view.

And the pool tables.  There was a little bit of a tournament going on.

Here is Roger from the Lions’ Den (he would be angry if I didn’t mention that he won 3 out of 4).

And Maurice from Red Ginger…one of the nicest bartenders on the island. 

And I’ll leave you with the varied, interesting and sometimes super funny signs that are all over the wall.

This is the strangest…and maybe the oldest…that layer of rust makes this sign even better.

Don’t forget to check out the event calendar below to know WADDA GWAN IN SAN PEDRO.

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