Day Three And Tomorrow I WILL Be Back

But the sweating and insomnia and nausea is really bringing me down..keeping me in the house…which is a real shame since the weather is warm & beautiful and there are lots of events going on in town.  I especially hate to miss a SAGA fundraiser.

I am feeling marginally better.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to bring things over.  But I am well stocked with Gatorade and water (I had a taxi guy pick up a truckload yesterday).  Talk to you tomorrow.

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  • I am so glad you are feeling a teeny bit better today. Hope the trend continues! We’re missing the scoop…

  • Rob

    Glad you are feeling better. You at least need to rally for tomorrows Giants/Greenbay showdown!


  • Me

    I do need to rally. I am from NJ/NY and I guess I am supposed to be into the Giants. I’ll go out to watch it.

  • Get better. Am a new fan.

    Waiting for more.