Fire Rages in San Pedro’s DFC Area

On my way to town today…at about 11.30am, we spotted large plumes of black smoke rising from the back side of the island.  We turned around and followed the fire trucks and police back to DFC where a fire consumed the back of a wooden house/business.  The business is called Bessy’s Store, a once pretty pink and purple building.

Firemen, who were quickly on the scene, pouring all the water from the fire truck into the blaze.  They were up on the roof with hoses to try to get water on the burning home.  It quelled the flames for a bit but more help was needed.

Family, friends and neighbors were trying to pull first people and then as much furniture as possible out the front of the house.

Finally, a bucket brigade formed of really brave men who at first filled buckets from hoses and taps and then from the swampy area on an adjacent lot.

The worked fast and furious to put the fire out.

Incredibly sadly, this family is left without a home.  But there are few positives:  everyone made it out alive, the fire department and police arrived as fast as they could and the team work that I witnessed and the selflessness to help a neighbor in this time of need was truly awesome.

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