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Good Bye BC’s Beach Bar?

Since I moved to Belize over 5 years ago, there have been rumors that one of San Pedro’s most popular beach bars was going to move or shut down.  The leased prime property where they are situated is just too good.  Condominiums or a hotel were bound to come.

A few days ago a giant sign went up on the lot.  It’s a bit depressing.  What is better than a simple wooden palapa bar with cheap drinks, great bartenders and a steady group of regulars (it’s pretty much the Belizean equivalent of “Cheers”) directly on the beach?  Not much.

Here is the sign.  (I don’t see BC’s in this drawing.)

The sign is almost as big as the bar.  See the bar cowering to the left?

The bar.

Here is Ebbie, the smart ass bartender and all around good guy.  He called me Laura the first four years that I knew him…and still insists that Laura is a better name for me than Rebecca.

A new “soda” has joined the standard bar line-up.  Can you spot it?   (More on that later…)

The view from my bar stool was not bad.

The only solace I can take is that the proposed condominiums are priced very high (starting at $599k) and this project could take a WHILE to get going.

But from what I hear, the owner is scouting out new properties (moving northward.)  Wouldn’t it be nice if she could take the whole building with her?  I can only imagine that when she does move, there is going to be one HUGE blow-out farewell party.  We should probably all start preparing for that one.

Here are some other pictures I took yesterday.  I did a whole lot of beach walking…


And my walk into town later.  In case you were wondering what the weather is like right now…

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7 thoughts on “Good Bye BC’s Beach Bar?

  1. Darling Diva

    It’s called progression … and yes buyers will come! The more the country is “known” the more people will come …. like the saying goes …. “Build it and they will come” (that movie about dead baseball players … lol)

  2. Sharon Hiebing, Wealth Ships' Expat Relocation Consultant

    $599K – good lord – their wishful thinking is as big as their sign! It’s a great location, for sure, but really? If I had that kind of money I’d buy four $150K condos, rent three out, and live off the proceeds, lol! BTW, is Full Throttle really a soda, or an energy drink. Wouldn’t know since I don’t drink them. Sorry to see BC’s go – that’s rough for Charlene!

  3. Allan Baxter

    Th evolution of San Pedro is a natural & continual process. More development will bring in more money that will attract more development and more people with more money…..

  4. Darling Diva

    You are right Allan! A “best kept secret” never stays a secret. There is going to a lot attention to Belize this year because of it being 2012 and the Mayan predictions. I hope everyone is prepared for it…. the flux of people and the “predictions” !

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