I’ve Been Bitten by the Poker Bug at Pedro’s Inn

And I’m telling you…this night is good times.

Once a month, Pedro’s Poker Room in San Pedro, Belize is hosting a Ladies Poker Night.  I was hesitant.  Poker rooms, to me, hold so many icky stigmas…tons of smoking, giant male egos, total silence coupled with menacing glares, stupid terms.

Big blind, river, limits, nuts, flop…blah, blah, blah.

But when I was invited to this Tuesday event, here is all I heard…a fun group of ladies, free drinks and free pizza.  FREE, PEOPLE!  Buy in for $50bzd and I can eat and drink as long as I am winning (or as long as I am folding before any real betting starts…I am ALL IN!)

Here is our dealer Nicky.  Each and every move, she had to ask me what I wanted to do.  And explain it to me.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  That is patience.  If I was her, I would have kicked me out.  And then Jason…who runs the Poker room.  He is more of a taskmaster.  He takes his poker quite seriously and he knows his stuff.

And that is a good thing.  Someone in this room has to.

We arrived at 6.30pm for a lesson (those who needed it), we were equipped with “cheat sheets” and the game started at 7pm.  I started very hesitantly…but when I won I few times?  TOTALLY HOOKED.  The ladies egged me on with rounds of applause.
And the pizza at Pedro’s is always my favorite.  We tried the Supreme and the Garlic Shrimp…well…to start.

And then…in my mind…I started to get good.  Really good…let’s face it, I was a threat.  So another player called for shots (Danyelle, I don’t want to call you out) to throw me off my game.  The bartender, Albrenny, carried in pure vodka that was masquerading as something colorful and innocent.  See that evil glint in her eye?

Bottom line:  it is a super fun, very laid back night and a REALLY good way to meet new people and learn poker.  If you are visiting town for a week or if you live here, keep your eyes on Jason’s facebook page:  Pedro’s Poker Room.  Even if you know nothing about poker.  And if you are a more serious player, do the same.  Games, tournaments, HI/LO, Hold’ Em…there is something going on almost every night of the week.

And…if you were wondering?  I walked out the door with $1bzd more than when I entered.  I consider that a great success.  And I’m already working on my poker nickname.  San Pedro Fats?  Becky the Diplomat?  Coutant the Calculator?

You know what they say…Poker ain’t the same with no badass poker nickname.

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