Kelly McGuire Hits San Pedro, Belize for his Birthday

Kelly McGuire, a popular Texas tropical-country star in the style popularized by Jimmy Buffett, has joined Jerry Jeff Walker on Ambergris Caye this week.  Kelly celebrates his birthday each year by coming down and yesterday he played to a HUGE crowd at Fido’s Bar & Restaurant.

We arrived a bit early and island legend Dennis Wolfe was just wrapping up.  I haven’t heard Dennis in a bit…but he is sounding pretty good.

Look at the crowd.  I’ve never seen Fido’s this packed during the day.

Everyone under the biggest palapa on the island.

There was a short break…and then Kelly started up.  Bonnie had called early to save a large table right up front for all of us.  Fido’s was glad to comply.  All you need to do is ask!  And order some food…

Kelly’s merchandise (t shirts, Cds and baseball caps) was selling like hot cakes.  There was a crowd there for most of the evening.  And people walking away with shopping bags full of goods.

The bedazzled ladies shirts were especially popular.

Kelly does a pretty interactive show.  He tells stories about his travels, about when he first came to the island and directs everyone to sing along.

With songs like “Boat in Belize” and “Island State of Mind”, he is a favorite here.  And most people seemed to know all the words.

His back up player is named Dean and he plays some fascinating instrument called a pedal steel guitar.  I want to learn how to play this thing.

Kelly called up famous Belizean artist Walter Castillo.  He said he “dragged him out from the mainland” to be at Fido’s yesterday.  You see Castillo’s paintings all over the island and one of his paintings is featured on Kelly’s most recent CD cover.

Walter got a ton of applause…he seemed surprised by it.

He was signing the t-shirts featuring his work right over his painting!  With a black magic marker.  It was making me very nervous…

Mike (my new friend) was trying to get him to write something tricky…Walter gave up and let Mike write it himself.

The food was good…we got LOTS of bar snacks.  Very tasty onion rings…

And some super hot lobster stuff jalapeno poppers…

And even though my bill said I bought one beer…I seemed to have an endless supply.  Thanks guys.

He played for about an hour and a half and took a break between sets.  We got a chance to chat.

Everyone had a blast…

If you missed Kelly yesterday, do not fret.  He is here for a few weeks.  Here is the remaining schedule:

Tuesday, January 31st, Kelly’s Boat Trip to the Reef 11am to 4pm (inquire thru Fido’s)
Wednesday, February 1st, Private Concert
Friday, Feb 3rd, Fido’s Courtyard, 6pm
Saturday, Feb 4th, Fido’s, 6pm
Superbowl Sunday, Fido’s, Pre-game party, 3pm  (that sounds pretty fun…)
Monday, Feb 6th, Kelly’s Birthday Bash at Athen’s Gate, 7pm
Thursday, Feb 9th, Reef Boat Trip (pending interest)
Saturday, Feb 11th, Fido’s, 6pm

Definitely try to make it to at least ONE of the shows.  And if you want to read more about Belize and get lots of updates, LIKE me on Facebook.

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