Let’s Head North! Part One

Yes, you heard me….NORTH!  And every time I cross the bridge (only about 2 miles from where I live), I wonder why I don’t hit the north part of Ambergris Caye more often.  So many beautiful condos, so many great restaurants and bars.  It is very good to broaden my horizons.  (It’s also good to have a friend with a turbo-golf cart.)

Here is the cool view when you are sitting at the bar at Kama Lounge…

But let’s back this up.  First, we needed to drive through town to get to the bridge.  We took the back streets along the lagoon to mix things up.  It is the area lined with boats of all sizes both rolled on the shore and in the water.  We spotted this boat jammed into the mangroves that clearly is not sitting properly.

This pelican did not seem bothered by the situation at all…so we moved along.

The day was hazy but warm.  A very weak cold front moved in yesterday afternoon bringing some more clouds and much less wind.  Time to head over the bridge.  More billboards?  Really?

Our first stop was Coco Locos bar.  A small place tucked behind a few condominium complexes, all part of the Bermuda Beach Resort.

Here are some of the condos leading up to the bar.  I love the long narrow pools each has.

And here is the cute little bar with a swim up area in case you like to drink and soak.

My favorite part of the bar is these signs.  So…if the residents in the area get a bit too tipsy, they can find their ways home.

Onto the next spot, right next door, and it is totally different.  Very different, in fact, than most places on the island.  It’s called Kama Lounge.  And is a true lounge/beach club.  A place where you could spend the whole day laying on beach lounge chairs and beds and just hanging out.  I was pretty impressed.

And the bar has the most interesting stools…HUGE hunks of wood with deer skin covers.

The lovely bartender gave us a free snack which more than made up for the $6bzd beers.  (I don’t like paying a penny over $5…I’m cheap like that.)  The whole lounge has a very cool, very Euro feel.  Probably a fun place to hang out for the day and get some drinks, food, and sun.

Onto the next stop…Jolly Roger Bar.  Let’s call it…very rustic.

It’s on a very pretty beach.  But maybe I came at the wrong time…it wasn’t my favorite of the trip.

We left and headed north.  We passed the new hotel called THE HOTEL.  Though not open, I think they are taking reservations for a spring opening.  I would give you the website but the name makes it very hard to google.

 And then my friend Bertrand’s Bamboo House.  He is flying his French flag proudly.

I have quite a few more stops.  And you guys probably all know the next one.  The famous Palapa Bar.  I’ll leave you with one picture…but this post is getting LENGTHY.  So for the rest?  Tune in tomorrow.

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