Let’s Head North! Part Two

Two days ago, I headed north to visit some restaurants and bars that I either haven’t been to or haven’t visited in a while.  (See Part One) Over the bridge, we stopped at Coco Locos, Kama Lounge and Jolly Rogers.  We then pulled into Palapa Bar, probably the most well known bar north of the bridge and definitely the only one on a pier that allows you to lounge in inner tubes while they lower your drinks down to you in a bucket.  Can’t beat that.

This cool rasta boat is usually parked at the dock.

Inside we enjoyed some sausage and cheese dip (yum) and Belikins…

and enjoyed the super cool osprey nest by the next dock (we watched a frigate bird trying to steal a fish from one of these big birds)…

and enjoying the owner, Scott, teaching his little poodle to bark “RUM” for a sip of rum and coke.  It actually does sound like rum.  And this dog loves his Caribbean Dark.

No time to waste.  On to the next spot!  Grand Caribe.  This place is HUGE.  We took a look around but didn’t make it to the pool bar.  Maybe the resort with most rooms on the island?  Does anyone know?

Next stop North is Aji Restaurant.  The very cheapest beer of our trip…it was Happy Hour.

It is a very cute setting.  Lots of little tables set right on the beach.

We tried the bacon wrapped dates and there were a pretty delicious snack.

The food menu and wine menu both looked great…but there is no time to waste…

Must keep moving…the sun was going down in a bit.  O Restaurant at Las Terrazas.  So so beautiful here.  A very different feel.  Quite luxurious.

And the restaurant.

And the bar…

We headed to the roof top bar where Thursdays offer 2 for 1 Mojitos, free conch ceviche and live jazz & Caribbean music with Maikal Garcia.

They have recently hired a new chef (he has worked in the US and for eight years at the Princess Hotel in Belize)…a very charming guy.

His conch ceviche is one of the best I’ve had…right on par with Lily’s or Victoria House.  And free!

There are lots of couches for lounging, sitting areas and a great view.

Here it is…

So bottom line, driving up north for a day is good times.  If you are visiting for a week and staying in town, consider it.  Or if you live here (like me), get up there more often!  I’ve only visited a fraction of the places where you could stop, there are so many others…from Legend’s Burger House to fancy and beautiful Rojo Lounge.  Let me know your favorite.

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing thousands of lightening bugs on our drive home.  That is something I have NEVER seen just staying in town.

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