Ode To Some Very Hard Working Men

who are fighting an almost endless battle to keep the beaches sandy and clean.  Since the barrier reef protects our shores, it means that sea grass tends to grow in the waters.  And we are having our second day of pretty high winds, choppy seas and seaweed galore washing up on the beach.  (Kite surfers and sailors rejoice!)  On my walk to town this morning, I passed the guys who are out every morning at the hotels and resorts raking up the seaweed and carting it away.  Probably before most people wake up.

Only to do it again the next morning.  Each and every one of these guys says “Good Morning”…some ask how I am doing.  Makes my walks to town that much better.

Grand Colony Resort.

At Banyan Bay (and I won’t lie…he is my favorite) there is a lot of beach to cover.

This wheelbarrow is filled continuously.

Okay…these guys aren’t actually raking.  It’s Smurf the sign painter and his assistant updating the lettering on the Xanadu dock.

Caribbean Villas.

And Exotic Caye.  Great hair, right?

So…when you walk to town early, you will see these guys cleaning the beach to make sure it is white and perfect for you.  I hope it’s not a thankless job.

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  • nvjims

    You stopped just short of Woody’s Wharf where Frank does an excellent job of keeping the beach clean.

  • If they only knew the seagrass is actually stopping their lovely beach from eroding banyan bay is a good example…so is that strip by BC’s

  • I always say good morning to the guys I pass raking seagrass up north as I do my morning runs MWF. It’s a tough job in the sunshine, day after day. Most of them are very friendly. I have a favorite too, an older gentleman. He always looks happy to see me, which really makes my day. My heart smiles after we greet each other.

  • Where does all the sea grass go? Can it be used as landfill? Compost? Calls for an investigative report!

  • Me

    That’s a good question…I see trucks picking it up sometimes so my guess is landfill. But next time, I will ask.