Ode To The Bartenders: Working at BC’s

From now on, I am doubling all of my tips to bartenders.  This is hard work!   My 38 year old feet are still aching.

Yesterday afternoon and night, I got the chance to guest “bartend” at BC’s Beach Bar, one of the very best in San Pedro.  They are known for great service, a large group of regulars, a super fun owner that everyone loves, one of the best views in San Pedro and well…the reasonably priced drinks.  (Beers are only $4bzd and rum and soda $3).

The real bartenders had been given the holiday off way in advance and Charlene, the owner decided to open. She needed some back-up.

It couldn’t have been set up easier for me.  The bartenders had everything ready.  The juices were made, the ‘Chileda mix prepared, the limes were squeezed and quartered, even the wine bottles were opened.

It was pouring most of the day (and it still is).  But a good and steady crowd stopped by all day (most wearing their big yellow fisherman slickers).  Some for moral support, some to heckle (I’m talking to you two guys in the corner).  But all in all, a fun day.  Here are some of the pictures before I go back to sleep.  This working thing really takes it out of you!

Thanks again Charlene, BC’s and everyone that battled the pouring rain, the lightening and thunder and the bad hair yesterday.

And to Tom K. from Fido’s, rest in peace.  What a tragic accident.  You will definitely be missed here on the island.

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