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Our Brush with Poker Greatness at Tropic Air

Sadly, yesterday I had to drop my friend Jamie off at Tropic Air for her trip back to the states.  We arrived early for her 11am flight from San Pedro to the International Airport, at about 10:30am to check in.

Tropic has some cool new Belikin/Bowen & Bowen themed boarding passes.  We begged the guy at the front desk to give us a few…what great bookmarks (Bowen marketing team are you listening?)…but they wouldn’t have it.  They also have some funky new colors…it’s a bit strange to hear the announcement “Boarding for all Khaki passes”.  Khaki?

In my mind, one day I am going to own these huge paintings they have on the wall in the Tropic Air Terminal. I’m still working out the details on how that is going to happen…I love them.

After checking in…it was about 10:35am…so we tested out some of the Christmas decorations (as one does).

And we ran into Bob Bounahra, the Belizean superstar who just competed in the 2011 World Series of Poker Final 9 and took home a considerable pile of cash.  He and Jamie were on the same flight (Brown) and I’m sure that he spent the 15 minutes sharing invaluable poker tips and tricks with her.  Ladies Poker Night at Pedro’s Inn better watch out…there is a new shark in town.

(By the way, Jason Southwell now runs Pedro’s Poker room…not Peter…so contact him with for info and updates.  You can find him on Facebook – Pedro’s Poker Club)

Bob looks like an ad for Tropic Air.

Okay…now it’s about 10:40am…plenty of time before the 11am to run across the street for a quick good-bye Belikin.  The swank bar in the Tropic terminal has been unfortunately closed for about a year so in place of that, we cross the street to Jambel’s Jerk Pit.  Open at 10am each morning, we weren’t the only ones enjoying a cold beer.

At about 10:55, we headed back across the street to say good-bye to Jamie.  Here is a picture of her watch to prove the time…apparently no one at home believes that you don’t need to be at the air strip in San Pedro hours in advance.

Bye Jame (aka Vanilla Scoop).  Thanks for coming.  I can’t wait to see you again this spring and all summer!  And I can’t wait to snag one of these boarding passes.

And there will be no regaling you with New Years Eve stories and pictures…I will leave that to the newspapers.  I was blissfully asleep at 10pm last night.  And loving it.  Happy 2012.

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