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Something That I Love About Belize

Well…in addition to the lovely sunset.  This is a picture coming down my stairs yesterday evening.

And the beautiful full moon that “rose” soon after…

But one of my VERY favorite things is that you can go out to eat at one of the fancier restaurants in town wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.  San Pedro can be as casual or as dressy as you want it to be.  And when people ask me “what should I pack?”, I just answer pack lightly.   You’ll find that the simple, comfortable stuff is all you need.

So…since I ate out for almost every meal last week (Mango’s, Blue Water Grill, Banana Beach’s El Divino – MULTIPLE times, Antojito’s…the list goes on) and really should be budgeting, it was time for my last supper.  And what better place than Victoria House.  They have a beautiful restaurant and then more of a beach bar.  (Picture mahogany and fantastic service rather than cheap beers and loud music.)

VH still has some very cute holiday lights out front.  (Ask me?  I’d leave these up all year.)

Here is the view from the gorgeous porch at the bar.  You can eat out or in.

We sat at the bar and Roxy, our bartender, was (and always is) fantastic.  They have lots of tormenting bar games (you know the ones…where you have to balance 10 nails on top of one) and more basic ones like Scrabble to keep you amused and hanging out for hours on end.

It’s a great place to spend an afternoon if the weather isn’t perfect.

The food was great.  Almond encrusted lobster fingers…butternut squash enchiladas with goat cheese and mushrooms.  An excellent last meal.  And I was wearing some truly comfortable clothes.  Love it.

Trivia question of the day:  How many coconut palm trees are on the Victoria House property?

AND don’t forget, the Bachelor is on ABC tonight.  Even if you despise the very idea of the show, tune in for the last 5 minutes.  The “Coming up on the Bachelor” previews totally make me want to move to Belize…again.

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3 thoughts on “Something That I Love About Belize

  1. Emily

    That dinner sounds amazing! And they served you even in your casual get-up. Would have liked to have seen your dressed-down photo!

  2. Life's a Beach!

    Saw those previews and knew it had to be Ambergris Caye! I’m a closet Bachelor fan and hoping I can get it where I’m staying in February! So happy to know you can eat almost anywhere in shorts and flip flops. My other little island isn’t as casual as it used to be and sometimes I just feel a little tawdry at the table. Ha!

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