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Sunrise: A Walk Through the Escalante Area

The sun rose this morning at about 6:30am…it’s going to be a beautiful day, warm but breezy.

I took a walk over to the neighborhood that is closest to mine, the Escalante subdivision.  First utilized only about fifteen years ago (when 1.5 miles south of town was seen as “da bush”), it was acquired from a private family, the Escalantes.  Apparently, it was then secretly offered out only to the town council’s close friends and families.

For more information on that, how many of the areas in town were first built and how politics played such a huge part of it all, check out this really interesting article by Mr. Angel Nunez titled:  Once A Very Small Town.

At the time, the town council had supposedly set aside six lots for basketball courts, parks and other public sporting facilities.  As far as I can see, none of that was ever done.  I guess administrations change and so do the plans.

Anyway…Escalante now is one of the prettiest and more organized “suburban” areas in San Pedro.  Large, colorful and well built homes, manicured lawns, clean streets, mature plants and trees…you almost get the feeling the you could be in California.  Well…if houses in California were on stilts…

Let’s talk a look.  As you drive down the main paved road, it is a left before you reach Victoria House.  You will see signs for La Divina Providencia and for Hidden Treasure restaurant.

First thing that I noticed…there are actually street signs!  We don’t even have that downtown.

Next indication of this small communities co-operation is this sign.

As you enter one street, you will see Hidden Treasure Restaurant (you can’t miss it…there are LOTS of signs.)  Only open for dinner, I’ve been there just once.  But the food was great and it has a very romantic/tropical ambiance.

Now look at all of these cute houses.

Signs that this is a family area as also everywhere…basketball hoops, playgrounds, lots of balls in yards.

Some houses have some very cute paint jobs and details.  LOVE these mermaids.

And lastly, I’ve never seen a pet cat outside before.  Really.  This little black guy even has a cat door.  Don’t tell my cats.   They’ll be packing there bags.

So…if you have never been to this area of San Pedro, I think you are missing out.  Totally residential and very well cared for, it’s worth a walk or bike ride over.  Or…you might want to wait until next Christmas.  They know how to do their holiday lights in Escalante.  (This is the green house above.)

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise: A Walk Through the Escalante Area

  1. Emily

    Well, isn’t that a pretty area?! Love all the house photos. Never been there and am still not quite sure how to find it, but maybe we’ll stumble upon it on our next bike ride down south!

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