The Weather is On Everyone’s Mind

San Pedro Belize is experiencing some really crazy weather right now.  High winds, torrential rain, chilly nights, thunder and lightening are totally out of place in January.  This is supposed the month of weather perfection.  Sun, sun and more sun.

I have spent quite a bit of time reassuring visitors that this is not the norm.  And feeling guilty that they can’t go on their snorkeling and diving trips.  I feel like it’s my fault!

I went out one time yesterday.  And walked to my local market.  It was POURING.  And they were closed.  All the grates in the road were popped open to allow the streets to drain…or at least that was the plan.  The road was a lake.

Today, what was once a nice green lawn is now a muddy pool.  Crocodiles delight.
This morning at Royal Palms.

This morning it is cool and very breezy (low 70s and 20-30 mph steady wind).  There is a big cloud looming over the reef but I am thinking that a cold front is going to blow that away.  I’m going to make a batch of My Belizean Chicken Soup and hope for some sun.

I am trying a new thing…super sizing all the pictures.  Let me know if you like it…or hate it…and as always, please be my facebook friend so I can keep you updated on all the San Pedro news.

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6 thoughts on “The Weather is On Everyone’s Mind

  1. cherriberri

    The rain sucks! I was so hoping that Tropic Air was shut down so I could get stranded on San Pedro a few more days, but we flew low and got to BZE. Boo! be back in 2 weeks!

  2. Emily

    The big pictures are great! And to all those worried, the rain is over. We just biked to town, and the puddles are gone on the paved roads, back/unpaved are still puddly. It’s breeze, cool, and sunny today. Nice!

  3. Sweetiebear

    It’s even raining where I live … and we are in the mist of Winter, which makes for freezing rain! Not a great combination 🙁 The pictures are great!

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