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The Wind!

Last night as I was (ACTUALLY) sleeping, the wind really kicked up.  My windows and my bedroom door were rattling.  Not a cold front…it is still warm and relatively humid…just wind.

So I got up early (my usual time is 6am…I got up at 5am) to see what’s going on.  Feeling better, but not great…why not take a morning constitutional?  A little fresh air is bound to help.  Plus, my oncoming bedsores (well…more like couch-sores) could probably use a bit of a breather.

First thing I noticed.  A strange foot print by my little garbage area.  Such long fingers…can anyone identify?   Hopefully something cool…but probably just a dog.

A great day if you are a wind surfer, kite surfer or you want to do a bit of sailing.

I’m going to stay in today…hang out and then get to full blown scooping again tomorrow.  I need to…I have a TON of things on the agenda (Tranquility Bay, Kakaw Chocolates, Blue Hole…).  And, the last thing I would want to miss is the upcoming Mayoral Debate on January 18th.  First ever.

And don’t forget, tonight is the 3rd episode of the Bachelor.  

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5 thoughts on “The Wind!

  1. Emily

    Yep, that’s no dog. They don’t have long toes like that. The wind has been crazy. Running north was tough this morning, but going south much easier! Yay, Bachelor tonight. Can’t wait!

  2. Me

    The waves are really big. And the wind is dying down a bit, right? But at about 4am…it was raging. Interesting how “in tune” with the weather I have become since I moved to Belize…didn’t think about it so much in the states.

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