Why YOU Should Visit Belize in January

I haven’t done this update for December and January and well… it’s a bit late.  But no time like the present, right?  Let’s get started.  Here is why visiting Belize in January is REALLY a good idea.

THE WEATHER:  The “rainy” season is coming to a quick end (and has been for a month or two) and it took most of its bugs with it.  The weather is fantastic.  Warm and sunny during the day, warm at night, you are going to be glad you visited in January.  Can I guarantee that every day you visit is perfection?  No.  But odds are on my side, ALMOST every one of them will be.  (I am typing with some sense of irony…it is pouring rain right now…but hey…it’s the tropics.  And not typical)

2012 MAYAN MADNESS:  2012 is a big year on the Mayan calendar and Belize is celebrating it in a big way.  Grab one of these super cool new Mayan “passports” and hit the mainland.  See as many as you can.  Or…come hang out at the beach and visit one or two.  Did you know that the island of San Pedro has it’s own Mayan site.  AND that Cahal Pech (in Cayo) is having a festival on January 21st.  Where will you be when the world (really doesn’t) end in 2012?

(and yes…this is me…about 15lbs thinner prancing at Xunantunich…my fave.  Yup…apparently I am a prancer.)

HIGH SEASON:  High season in Belize does not mean crowds.  If you are picturing Cancun in all of its frenzy, you are picturing TOTALLY wrong.  In Belize, it just means that lots of things are going on.  Bars and restaurants are in full swing.  Bands, karaoke, drumming events, festivals, Mayan buffets, casinos, people just lounging on tubes…there is something to do each day or night of the week (if that’s your thing).  Or if daytime adventures are more your bag…

TRIPS EVERY DAY:  If you have visited in the summer, you know the drill on excursions.  Most, like trips to the Blue Hole or zip lining on the mainland, only go if they have enough people to fill the boat.  Economically, it just doesn’t make sense to leave half full.  So you could be waiting a few days to take that sail to Caye Caulker or do that special dive at Turneffe.  But in January, it’s much easier to plan your schedule.  Trips are going out pretty much every day.   It’s a relatively full house.

Speaking of trips, ask your dive company about spearing some lion fish. Might be pretty cool.  And they are the only marine life that you can (and should) spear while scuba diving.  They are mean little buggers.  We need your help!

THE AIRFARE:  Cheap airfare is generally a reason that people visit in the summer (prices dip down as low as you are going to see them during the “low” season) but this year seems to be different.  Continental, in particular, has been doing some really cheap flights.  So while it isn’t ALWAYS the case, take a look.  You might get lucky.

THE COOL BIRDS:  They are still here.  Wintering (both on the coast and on the mainland) from up north.  Every morning, there is some absurdly large white egret standing in my yard giving me the skunk eye.  A short walk on the beach in the morning and you’ll see a bunch of different kinds.

Here is my buddy.  And I’m sure (Royal Palm Patrol) that he is doing no dumping.

LOBSTER:  It’s your last full month to stuff yourself with local lobster, the season closes from February 15th to June 15th to give those little buggers a break.  There is some FANTASTIC lobster around…try the fritters at Red Ginger  Really…you’ll swoon.

THE WEATHER:  Okay…I said it before.  But it is probably cold where you are.  And right now here?  It’s about 82 and sunny.  And has been all week.

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  • 2Franks

    All good to know.

    I arrive in Belize City on the 31st. Heading to the Mayan ruins at Xunantunich, and spending a day zip-lining and cave tubing.

    Then off to San Pedro.

    Inspired by a Delta seat sale!

  • Me

    I love Xunantunich…and zip lining…and cave tubing. You’ve picked the exact three things to do that are awesome. Go Delta.

  • Good to see you back scoop!

  • Fantastic post! You’ve certainly convinced me…too bad I’m already here. 🙂 By the way, since you are a prancer, better stay away from the pool at Mojito’s. Did you see rule #5 on their sign (see our Saga blog post)!? Tee-hee…

  • Be there the eleventh of Febuary…. can’t wait

  • roy

    Just so happens that my cruise ship will be in Belize on the 26th…

  • Me

    No, Emily…will read now. No prancing? How UNFAIR!

  • Thanks for the awesome blog. It is minus 36degress in Calgary Alberta Canada today with the windchill and I am flying to San Pedro tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

  • Me

    -36? That, Craig, is ridiculous. Glad you are coming down tomorrow. It’s…warm!

  • Alberta is in a DEEPFREEZE for the next week or so ….brrrrrrrrrrrr Lucky Craig 🙂 Bring back the heat with you.

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  • Teyonda Wertz

    what is it like in February in Belize?

  • Jamie Comer

    We are landing this Thursday the 21st for my big 5 0, any fun, unique or just simple recommendations for us? 😉 Thanks!