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A Beach Walk, Belize Port Authority, Dinner & The Bachelor at Lola’s

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day for a walk into town.

As I walked past Caribbean Villas, I noticed the Belize Port Authority with hammers, nails and new signs.

They are posting this sign on every dock down the beach.  Good work guys!   Maybe a bit over cautious but that is MUCH better than no sign at all.

I stopped in to meet a friend at Sailaway Cafe and had a delicious cappucino (I haven’t had one in ages).  I wonder why I don’t stop into this place more often…right in the center of town across the street from Fido’s.  It’s a good spot to watch the town drive by.

I stumbled (literally) across one of the Mayor’s “tombstones” heralding her great accomplishments in office.  Very strange…this one is right in front of Central Park.  Why are these monuments shaped like grave markers?

These plaques are now all over town.

We had dinner at Blue Water Grill.  I always get the exact same thing there but decided to step outside the box and get the special.

It was really really good.  Especially the tamale.  I cleaned my plate.  $48bzd is not bad.  But then…Blue Water Grill is consistently great.

Off to Lola’s Pub to watch the episode of the Bachelor that filmed in Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and at Lamanai Mayan Ruins in October.  After all the build up, it was finally on.   The show is totally mind numbing and (I can’t believe that I am saying this) but I don’t think I’m going to watch the rest of the series BUT Belize looked amazing.  And I know it is going to bring more interest and more visitors.

Lola’s had a nice little crowd of Bachelor…well…Belize groupies.

And I ran into some SanPedroScoop fans visiting from Illinois.  (I turned my flash off at some point and the rest of my pictures are not so great…)

My friend Erin is visiting Belize (I met her down here last year and she is a travel writer extraordinaire).  She is visiting with her friend Krysta (on the left) and Dorian (on the right), the editor of Ambergris Today here in town.

We watched the Bachelor on all of Lola’s big screens.  Here is the helicopter hovering over the Blue Hole.

The show was LONG and a bit slow but it featured Tropic Air, the Tuff Enuff catamaran, Coco Beach Resort, the Great Blue Hole (and a helicopter jump into it), Caye Caulker, a popular band from Dangriga, the Lazy Lizard Bar, lobster hunting, Lamanai (WHICH LOOKED AMAZING), snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley, Victoria House Hotel, Rojo Lounge (for the Final Rose ceremony) and more.  It was almost all Ambergris Caye.  Pretty exciting.

I am only a tiny bit disappointed that I didn’t spot myself during my Bachelor Stalking in Caye Caulker but it seems like the show has its editing down pat.

If you saw the show and have never been down here…GET MOVING.   Belize is waiting for you.

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4 thoughts on “A Beach Walk, Belize Port Authority, Dinner & The Bachelor at Lola’s

  1. Cara in RI

    We did Lamanai when we were there last year, and it WAS beautiful and so interesting (we had a great tour guide). Too bad the bachelor and his lady friend did not take the river boat ride in, as it was beautiful, and full of gorgeous foliage and wildlife. Another reason to head to Belize.

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