A Fundraising Night At Captain Morgan’s Casino

Last night, Captain Morgan’s hosted a Valentine’s fundraiser for the SAGA Humane Society in San Pedro.  It seemed like a pretty good deal…$20bzd donation for the fundraiser and you received a $10USD ticket to use at the casino, a rose and champagne, live music outside and free drinks while you were gambling.I am by no means a gambler, the idea of feeding money into slot machines sends me into a comatose state, but I’d never been to the casino and hey…it was a good time to get the scoop on the only good sized one on the island.  My friend Bonnie was my Valentine’s date and an avid casino fan so…off we go.

We left at 5:30pm on the Coastal Express water taxi.  Captain Morgan’s was providing free boat rides to the event but not until a bit later.

It really was a pretty day…and night.

We arrived at Captain Morgan’s just as the sun was going down.  The casino opens at 6pm and closes at 2am every day but Wednesdays.

On Tuesday evenings, they do a Mayan Buffett and quite a few vendors set up on the beach to display their wares.

And at 6pm, Barrington and the Islands started singing for the dinner crowd.  They were sounding pretty good.  Mostly soft reggae and punta music.

And then to the casino!  $50bzd was definitely my limit.  I’ve been to casinos only a handful of times in my life (mostly the Princess Casino in Belize City) and I last about half an hour.  Penny slots for 8 hour stretches?  No way.  Let’s make this money go quick!

The casino is actually pretty nice.  It has a huge bar, great TVs, maybe 40-50 slot machines packed pretty tight, a few gaming and poker tables and free drinks (did I mention those already?)  I like this ticket system…makes things easier.  You load the tickets in…you receive your payment in tickets.   No clinking coin racket driving you to the edge of insanity.  Best of all, it is CLEAN.  And it doesn’t stink like cigarette smoke, sweat and losers’ tears in there.  So far so good…

The bar.  God forbid it be without a gambling machine.

Bonnie and I romantically clinking our champagne glasses by the light of the Coyote Moon.  It was her favorite machine.

I was impressed by the bathroom sinks.  Two really beautiful chunks of wood…

Some of the SAGA team arrived with the gift basket for raffle…

At 8pm, snacks were served.  I thought the ham sliders were pretty yummy.  But…I had blown through my money quickly and the place was getting crowded!  Time to go.  A nice change of pace for the SAGA fundraiser, something different.  But I must admit…I have a soft spot in my heart for a good old fashioned cook-off.

This casino is perfect for those who like to do a bit of gambling on vacation…slots machines, maybe a little poker or blackjack.  If that is your thing, you could have a very good time.  But…I’m guessing I won’t be spending too much time here.

Thanks for hosting Captain Morgan’s!

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