I Woke Up This Morning With a Clearer Head…

and the finest intentions.  An early morning walk to the supermarket would provide me pictures galore of the beautiful blue Caribbean.Instead, it is pouring rain.   Good for the bathing and screaming grackles…

Good for the plants of Royal Palms…

And apparently okay for snorkellers and divers.  I watched a few boats do the 8am pick-up.  So what if the snorkeller is in full jacket?  The water is very calm and definitely warmer than the rain.

And it appears to be brightening already.  I think the heavy rain is over and the sun will be out in a few hours.  Ha!  My second chance.

Don’t forget that tonight at Pedro’s Inn, Ladies Poker Night at 7pm.  6.30pm if you need a tutorial refresher.  I can’t make it (still have this stinking cough) but have some free pizza and a beer for me.  It’s very fun.

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  • Glad you are feeling better! We completely missed the rain up north this morning…or else I just slept through it, but I’m not seeing any puddles either.

  • Omaha Dave

    Rebecca – being sick for the past couple of days probably helped you get closer to your target weight = how about a new update ?

  • Me

    Interesting way to look at it Omaha Dave.

  • Can’t wait………. be there tomorrow afternoon. one wake-up.

  • Yahooooooooooooooooo…. on my way

  • Be sleeping at Pedro’s tonoute