So This Is What I’m Missing…

So…I’m supposed to be staying in to rest all weekend.  Ugh.I went outside for a few minutes this morning and this is what I am missing.  Perfect weather, a nice breeze and not one cloud.

My pool at Royal Palms…my shadow in the picture proves that I am alive!  I miss you pool.

The sea is perfectly flat…ready for divers and snorkellers.

So…yes…I am still sick.  Not as bad as 5 days ago, but still coughing, heavy chest, sweating and now a rash (I think from the new medication).  Good times.

Will be seeing the doctor again today.  Wish me luck!

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  • Definitely see your doc about the rash — I am allergic to a couple of antibiotics (penicillin and sulfa), and a rash is not a good thing…it can progress to anaphylaxis if you continue taking the med. Good luck — we miss you!

  • So sorry you’ve been sick, Rebecca. I certainly have had my fair share of issues since moving to Belize. Systemic Candida is one of them, and it causes rashes. I sure hope that’s not what you have, because it’s a major pain (literally and figuratively). Get well soon – we miss you!

  • Harris Tours

    Hello Everyone, i would recommend looking into Homeopathic medicine. Far superior to conventional medicine for many illnesses. When i was in Belize a few months ago i contracted Pneumonia and went on antibiotics. But last week when i got very sick again heading towards Pneumonia, i started taking Ferrum Phos and knocked it out without antibiotics. The Homeopathic medicine nudges the body to heal itself.

  • Me

    Sharon, gross as it all sounds…I think this rash, the tongue issues…are all fungi taking advantage of my low immune system and the antibiotics right now. The warm sweaty weather is perfect for them. So gross…but true. I am a petri dish!

  • Me

    Oh shoot! My doctor told me to stay off of WebMD and all the other sites.