Sunday Afternoons Mean BBQ and Live Music in San Pedro

The town is hopping right now.  With Presidents Day and schools’ spring breaks, these next few weeks tend to be some of the busiest of the year.   Sunday afternoon in San Pedro is always a great day to go out, have a few cold beers and listen to some music.  Last Sunday, I stopped by a few on my way into town.It was a beautiful day.

My first stop was the Catamaran Bar at Caribbean Villas Resort.  They have a full bar, a BBQ going, live music by Tull starting at around 2:30pm and sailing races all morning.  There were lots of people sitting and eating.

Love these little boats…

Next Sunday BBQ as I moved farther north was Crazy Canucks’…the most popular one as far as I can tell.  They also have BBQ (served by the Blue Iguana on the beach)  and a band that you can sing or play along with.  Their twist on things?  A horse shoe tournament all afternoon.  Canucks was very crowded.

And finally BC’s Beach Bar.  They have a great crowd and really good BBQ but no music.


So…if you are looking for a laid back, low key Sunday afternoon, check out one (or all) of these spots.  A 15 minute walk just south of town and you can hit them all.  Let me know your favorite.

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