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The Elections are Just Around the Corner

The elections are right around the proverbial corner and right outside everyone’s door it seems.  Signs, banners, flyers, campaigning groups, t-shirts, golf carts flying flags and blasting party jingles are hard to miss.  Red, blue, purple…the colors are all over town.  Even where I live one+ mile south.So…Wednesday, March 7th is a double election for both the mayor of San Pedro and the Representative for Belize Rural South (like a Senator in the US).  There are three candidates for each.  This should be pretty exciting.

Here are some of the banners I saw this morning.  From the incumbent UDP party (shown from left to right – Dean Barrow, the Prime Minister, Manuel Heredia, the Area Representative and a man I cannot identify)

I’m not sure that with the sluggish Belizean and global economies as well as world wide complaining about incumbent governments, “Stay with” us is the most exciting pitch.  But what do I know?

Here is something with a bit more pizazz.  Independent Mayoral (purple) candidate Mel Paz.

We have a relatively new candidate for Area Rep, Bobby Lopez.  He is running under the VIP party (“Vision Inspired by the People”).  Mr. Lopez is the owner and founder of Hummingbird Furnishings.  A huge rattan and wicker furniture company with showrooms in San Pedro and Belmopan.  He’s also a frequent guest on San Pedro’s 7am morning show.  He’s a very enthusiastic and well spoken guy.

Integrity and humility sound pretty good to me.

Most telephone poles have a little bit of each party.  (Well…the biggest signs from the incumbent red party and then the others.)

So if you are a visitor arriving in the next few weeks, get ready for it!  And if you are a citizen, I hope you are voting.

Remember, that on election day itself, alcohol is legally unavailable at stores and bars.  The election is and should be very serious business.

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3 thoughts on “The Elections are Just Around the Corner

  1. S King

    Love the Mickey Mouse ears on PM Barrow! 🙂

    Newest eye-sore that I’ve seen around town: Tombstones all over depicting what the current administration has done in the town.

  2. Emily

    I love Mel’s sign! And somehow I have missed the tombstones, even though I’ve ridden my bike around town several times in the past week. I must be blind…

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